Looking for Some Fun Summer Tie-Dye Ideas? We Have You Covered!

Tie-Dye This Summer for Some Cool Crafts for the Whole Family

Tie-dye projects have the perfect elements for family enjoyment. You can get as creative as you want and there are plenty of bright colors, cool designs and handy tricks that produce unique designs you may not see anywhere else. Break out the summer fun with this classic fashion statement that brightens everyone’s day. Use these tips to create some awesome shirts, sheets or bandanas.

Folding Techniques

One step to making tie-dye patterns starts with folding techniques that bundle the fabric together. Use rubber bands to scrunch the fabric into circular, triangular or cubic shapes. The dye doesn’t seep into the fabric where the rubber bands hold the shapes together. Folds, creases and the rubber bands create lines and patterns in your fabric. Luckily, this isn’t the only way to make awesome tie-dye patterns.

Reverse Tie-Dye

Reverse tie-dye uses bleach on dark fabrics to remove colors rather than adding colors to white cloth. Scrunch and fold the garment how you want it, and then then soak it in a bleach/water mixture for 30 minutes or until you like the color. Wash the item to make the design permanent.

Spray Paint

Special fabric spray paint adds colors to shirts without folding or scrunching. This time, use tape to form geometric shapes on your clothing, and then spray away. This technique works well for stripes, sunbursts, diamonds and regular-looking shapes.

Permanent Markers

Colored permanent markers make a lasting impression on fabrics. The best part about markers is that you can draw any design you want. When the ink hits the washer, it blends even more into the fabric to create a dizzying effect. Make sure you wash these items separately from your regular laundry.

Ice Dye

Ice represents a perfect medium for making soft shapes on your fabric. Set up some cold water in a plastic dish tub, and add soda ash to it. Dip your cloth into this mixture, and wring it to get rid of excess water. Scrunch it on top of a rack that sits in the bin, and pile a layer of ice on the fabric. Begin to sprinkle powdered procion fabric dye onto the ice. As the ice melts, it seeps the dye into the fabric to make the patterns.Take care to wear gloves when handling dye. Although dyes are nontoxic, the chemicals may take a while to come out of skin, hair or regular clothing. Despite the potential mess to clean up, tie-dye is a fun craft that takes a few hours in the afternoon but produces amazing results.