Give a Custom Photo Frame to Loved Ones

Share cherished memories with loved ones using printed photos, and make a soda-tab photo frame for a personal touch on the gift. Charities such as Ronald McDonald House already understand the gift of giving soda tabs, accepting any leftovers for their donation and recycling program.

Create a Personalized Bracelet

Craft a bracelet out of soda-pop tabs, and hang favorite charms along the edges. Personalized bracelets make excellent gifts and serve as an entry point for DIY recycling projects or charm collections.

Keep Everything Handy in a Versatile Pocketbook

The Salvation Army has crafters who construct beautiful soda-tab pocketbooks and purses for sale online. Enjoy the challenge and thrill of crafting a purse from these versatile materials for a piece that combines both form and function.

These soda-tab craft ideas may just be the starting point for all the innovative creations out there that repurpose little things often discarded. Check out other creative and inspiring craft ideas that use repurposed and recycled items.