9 Fun Ways to Repurpose Pool Noodles Outside of the Pool

Pool noodles just beg to be played with, but the material is so sturdy, soft and pliable that you can do just about anything with them. Repurpose your pool noodles with these great craft ideas.


Red, white and blue noodles make great depictions of fireworks. Don’t use them to set off real fireworks, though.

Napkin Rings

The hollow center of the noodles makes for easy napkin rings if you cut the noodles thin enough.


Stick flowers, pins, greenery or whatever designs you want into a noodle for decorative wreaths for any occasion. Cover the actual noodles with cloth or paper to hide the base.

Candy Party Decorations

Curl noodles inward to make giant lollipops, candy canes or other party decorations that look like candy.

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