Colorful Fun: How to Crochet a Rainbow Baby Blanket

This Baby Blanket is Snuggly, Colorful – and Incredibly Easy to Make!

If you or someone you know is expecting a little baby or maybe you already have one, it always seems really easy to just fill your nursery with gender associated colors like pink or blue. Today, we want to challenge you to change it up, think outside the box and bring some other fun, bright and beautiful colors to their space!

To add some color and excitement to your nursery, look no further than this crochet rainbow baby blanket. This intuitive video guides you through the pattern step by step so you don’t miss a beat. Just use five coordinating colors to create the rainbow design. To keep things cozy, use chunky soft yarn or worsted weight yarn. Depending on the pattern, you’ll want to use about a 5.5-millimeter hook.

Crochet designs are as varied as, well, the colors of the rainbow. You can find more fun rainbow-themed projects here.