As Pokemon Go—the hot new augmented reality game for mobile device users—catches on, more and more fans want to own Pokemon merchandise. These items tend to be expensive in retail stores, with a simple foam Pokemon Pokeball selling for $50 at Walmart and Pokemon pencil sharpeners costing $30 or more on eBay. With a little effort and time, you can make your own low-cost Pokemon Go pencil sharpener at a fraction of the cost of these items.

Pokeman Go lovers can create their own Pokemon pencil sharpener following the step-by-step instructions in this video. Start with an empty spherical lip balm container, white spray paint and pliers. You’ll also need a glue gun, a knife, an inexpensive sharpener, and both black and white nail polish. The short video shows you how to complete your own Pokemon Go Pokeball Pencil Sharpener in only a few minutes. Let the paint dry overnight and enjoy your new Pokeball sharpener the next day.