It’s Not As Hard As You Think to Go Paperless in the Kitchen!

Toss That Paper Out of Your Kitchen To Save Money and Help the Environment

Did you know that buying paper towels and napkins is a waste of money, besides cloth is a lot more absorbent than paper! We think it’s time to become more eco-friendly and prevent anything more than necessary from filling up the local landfill. Switching to cloth napkins and towels lets you pick out cute napkins and saves you money and space. Here are some things to consider when making the leap.

Determine a Timeline

There’s no need to run out and spend a lot of money on all new cloth napkins. Set a timeline to switch napkins, various cloths and sponges, according to Happy Healthy Mama. Determine a start date and the finish date to have everything replaced and running smoothly.

Transition Slowly Vs Cold Turkey

You’re going to need to use up your current stock of paper towels and napkins. Start slow by using cloth napkins for your family’s main meal, and slowly move the paper towels and napkins out of easy reach and put cloth ones in its place.

Stock Up on Cloth

You don’t want to make the switch and find yourself washing cloth napkins and cleaning cloths daily. Make sure to stock up enough to clean them on days you regularly wash your towels.