Make Your Furniture Over By Painting the Upholstery!

How to Paint Upholstery So That It Still Feels Soft

Painting upholstery renews your furniture and transforms the look of your sofas, easy chairs and love seats. However, sometimes the paint adds a rough texture to the finish instead of the soft and comfortable feel you’re used to on your living room furniture. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your furniture looking and feeling new.


The first thing to consider is the type of paint. Match or complement another color in the room with paint samples. You also have to consider what the underneath color may look like if you paint over it. On walls, you cover the old paint with primer, but you can’t do that on furniture. Instead, you may have to add more than one coat to get the right color.


Purchase the right amount of latex paint and fabric medium. The latex lasts for a long time, and the fabric medium prevents paint from becoming stiff. Mix one part paint, one part fabric medium and two parts water. Stir this mixture together until it forms an even liquid all the same color and then start painting.

Start to Finish

A foam brush or stiff brush gives you even coverage. Start in the middle and work your way towards the edges. Make sure you cover up the edges of the furniture with masking tape or painting tape so you don’t paint over any stained parts. After the paint dries, use fine grit sandpaper to remove any pills that accumulate on the fabric after each coat. Let one coat dry before adding another one, if needed.

Make sure you paint in a well-ventilated area, such as a garage or workshop with open windows or fans, rather than in your living room. Lay down newspaper underneath your work area to catch any drips from your paint brush.Painting upholstery takes an afternoon of your time. The new paint job covers up any stains and wear from before, and it’s like you have an entirely new piece of furniture.