Stuck Working At a Desk All Day? Get In a Workout While You Sit!

Walking, Stretching Part of Easy Work Exercise Routine

You may not realize that you can squeeze in some exercises at work despite a hectic schedule. Even if you have just 10 minutes on a break or just one or two minutes in between tasks, these stretches or exercises can help your body get through the fatigue, aches and soreness that comes from sitting at a desk all day.

Flatter Abs at Your Desk

All you need is a stable chair to get an ab workout at your desk. Sit at the edge of your chair, keep your hands on the edge towards the side of your legs, and point your fingers towards your knees. Tighten your ab muscles while raising your toes a few inches off the floor. Try to lift your bottom off the chair, and hold this position as long as you can. Repeat this step for up to a minute for a quick ab workout that strengthens your legs and arms too.

Office-Friendly Yoga Poses

A few office-friendly yoga poses can help alleviate stress, tension and stiff muscles. Perform a cat cow stretch from your chair in two easy steps. Start with your spine stretched and both feet flat on the floor. Inhale, arch your back, look upwards and push your stomach forward while putting your shoulders backward for the cow position. Next, exhale while relaxing your spine and bringing your shoulders forward and your neck downward for the cat position. This move stretches your back and neck muscles as you switch between poses five times over a minute.


It’s easy to get in some walking at work. Park a few blocks away and walk to and from your building. Instead of taking the elevator to another floor, walk up and down the stairs. Spend five to 10 minutes walking on a break. If you have a meeting in another building or on another floor, leave a few minutes early so you can walk. There are tons of ways to fit in some extra physical activity at work among stretches, yoga poses and walking. Once you start fitting these into your daily routine, they should become second nature.