Ahoy! Check Out These Cheap Tips For Adding a Nautical Theme to Your Home

6. Lamp Shades

Cover a lamp shade with rope, and go on to place the rope on a blue lamp to continue the water theme. Alternatively, cover a existing lamp entirely to hide the color.

7. Towel Holder

Fasten a length of rope along the wall with nautical knots on both ends in the bathroom. Drape your favorite towels over them.

8. Rug

Using a round paper disc, create a base of the rug and then wind rope around in a widening circle to create a small floor rug.

9. Vase

Take tin cans of multiple sizes and glue rope around the outside, according to Elegant Wedding Invites. Fill with flowers of your choice and place around the house for a nautical feel.

10. Shelving

Connect boards of wood with thick nautical rope. Use a knot to keep shelves in place. You can secure your new shelves to the ceiling for hanging shelves that provide additional storage.

11. Mirror

Hang a mirror with nautical rope and wrap several layers of rope around it.

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