Hand quilting is a portable craft you can take anywhere, letting you fill your downtime and complete your projects faster than ever. In this video, quilting expert Wendi Gratz shows you how to hand quilt with confidence and make neat, even stitches that show off your patchwork and applique. Hand-quilting success depends on selecting the right thread and needle, and Wendi walks you through where and how to buy the appropriate tools.

Even if you’ve never used a thimble, Wendi makes you feel comfortable with this vital accessory as she demonstrates the proper stitching technique. You may be surprised to learn that thimbles are available in all types of materials, including plastic and leather, so you can easily find one that’s comfortable to wear.

Once you’ve mastered hand quilting, continue improving your skills by watching helpful online tutorials. For another tutorial from Wendi, check out her video on recovering an ironing board.