Time to Cut the Cake! Grab the Knife … I Mean, Floss?

You’ll Never Use a Knife on a Cake Again After Watching This Video

Need to cut a cake but realized you don’t have a knife that is long enough? Or maybe you just want to show off to your friends and family at the next party?

Regardless, we have just the fun and nifty trick for you, as shown in this video.

All you need is to use a little dental floss. Yes, you read that right! And no, we are not joking around with you; this is for real!

Not only is it super easy, but believe it or not, it also cuts nice clean slices without messing up the icing.

Pro Tip: Just make sure that the floss you use is unscented. Floss also comes in handy to cut other food items, such as cheese and burritos..

We promise, once you try this tip, you are going to be thanking us for it every single time!