Baby on the Way? You’ll Want to Make These!

Crochet Your Newborn Baby to Photogenic Cuteness

Showing off your newborn baby in the cutest way possible is a rite of passage for any new parent. While you could, you definitely don’t have to go with the crowd and take pictures of a naked bum. Here are some great ideas for dressing your infant up for his first photo shoot.


With a crochet green hat and turtle shell blanket, your baby is the cutest turtle anywhere. You can knit this outfit quickly, according to Diply.

Pretty as a Peacock

Crochet a purple headband and some multi-color tail feathers to turn your princess into a peacock.

Soft as a Bunny

Bunnies are all soft fur and little pink noses. For this look, crochet a hat with bunny ears and a bottom with a pink fluffy tail. Crocheting these outfits can save you money, according to Pouted.