Is The Inside Of Your Car A Wreck?

8 Car Storage Hacks That Make Life On-the-Go Easier

Have you thought about how to organize your car? Instead of trying to find small kid’s toys, packets of cheese crackers or bottled waters on the floor, take at look at these hacks to help reduce clutter, organize your groceries and add some extra storage space to the interior of your vehicle. Once you implement some of these ideas, you may never go back to a dirty, unorganized car again.

1. Plastic File Folder

A small plastic file folder keeps your oil change receipts, maintenance schedule, car insurance and registration papers in a neat and tidy spot so you don’t have to hunt through piles of papers shoved into your glove compartment.

2. Handled Baskets

Sturdy handled baskets with two or more compartments create easy-to-grab places for kids to put a quick snack or lunch. Reduce spills, crumbs and misplaced ketchup packets with this idea.

3. Cable Organizers

Believe it or not, your car may need some cable management. Use a cable organizer so your mobile device charger, portable GPS or radar detector cords don’t get lost on your floor when you unplug these accessories.

4. Laundry Baskets

Two empty laundry baskets in your cargo area keep your grocery bags upright. If anything spills out, it doesn’t roll around in the back of your vehicle and you don’t have to worry about anything breaking or smashing. Repurpose two of your old laundry baskets to make this hack work.