The Differences Between Homes in the UK and America May Surprise You!

American and UK Homes May Be Different, But Did You Know They Were This Different?

When Americans travel to the United Kingdom and stay in a typical house, they might find things a little different there. Follow Kate Arnell around this typical British house to see what she turns up!

In Kate’s kitchen, you see a refrigerator and a sink, but you also spy an appliance you might not expect in a room where you prepare food. Things are a little more compact on the other side of the pond because homes are older and there’s less land in the United Kingdom. You might find another surprise when you ask to go to the bathroom, want to freshen up a bit or try to charge your smartphone after the long flight.

Discover a few more differences as Kate reveals what else British folks have inside their homes versus average houses in America. Imagine how Brits feel when they come to America and notice a few surprises themselves! Cheerio!