Crystal Therapy: Hoax or Source of Healing Power?

Crystal therapy has become increasingly popular in the health and wellness community.

Wildly popular with the new age healing movement, but criticized by modern medicine, the healing power of crystals has enjoyed a rise in popularity, becoming a bit of a trending topic in health and wellness circles. On one side, scientists and the medical community consider crystals to be more of a pseudoscience, one that has no scientific or clinical validation to prove its credibility. Those who believe in the healing power of crystals consider the healing properties of these ancient gems and rocks to be beyond the realm of modern science.

The belief and use of crystals as sources of healing have been around for centuries, and many believe that it’s because of this longevity of practice, coupled with the stone’s inherent connectivity to the earth, that crystals have true healing powers. The source of healing comes from the transmission of energy from the rock to the body, in the form of vibrations and key placements at chakra points that promote healing. Healing is not just physical, but spiritual; the crystals are believed to draw out the negative energy in our bodies that would cause chronic ailments and cause spiritual imbalance.

Healers believe in the powerful, ancient, and natural energy that is unlocked through crystals. Science will grant a placebo effect to those who have found temporary relief to certain issues, like stress, but the relief is achieved through the power of suggestion. Crystal healers and holistic practitioners believe in the restorative powers found in crystals and many believers will vouch for true healing and wellness achieved through crystal therapy.

Listed below are some of the crystals used for spiritual, physical, and emotional healing:

  • Amethyst is for relaxation.
  • Abalone shell promotes peace, beauty, love; shield from negativity.
  • Citrine is used for energy and confidence.
  • Obsidian to alleviate stress and negativity acts as a mirror to the soul.
  • Serpentine brings balance.
  • Turquoise connects the mind to the universe.
  • Chrysocolla helps women find their confidence, power, and wisdom.
  • Lapis lazuli promotes speaking with grace and confidence.

There are many more crystal varieties with different healing powers associated with them. Again, their veracity as sources of healing are still up for debate, but if nothing else, each stone is remarkable for its vibrant color and unusual formations.