These Recycled Crown Royal Bags Turned Into Some Beautiful Quilts!

If you’ve been quilting long enough, chances are you’ve probably come across a Crown Royal quilt or two.

If you have been quilting for awhile, chances are you have probably come across a Crown Royal quilt or two. The patterns can vary quite a bit from quilt to quilt, but the idea is the same: take the fabric bag that a bottle of Crown Royal comes in (FYI – you can buy them on ebay), and turn them into a beautiful quilt!

The following video clip from Junction Fabric shows how to prep these bags to get them ready for quilting.

Below the video, we have also included some of the beautiful Crown Royal quilts submitted to us by our readers; so check them out and get inspired!

Have you ever made a Crown Royale quilt? We want to hear all about it in the comments or send us pictures so we can see how it turned out and which pattern you decided to use!

from: Tina LeDoux Wise: “Crown royal quilt just finished, used rope off crown bag around border also”
from: Bobbie Lindsey: “Eccentric star made of crown royal bags for a friend ,she supplied the bags .”
from: Kimba McHugh: “Crown Royal Throw Christmas 2013.”
from: Carolyn Pothast Culp: “4 bottles of Crown on the wall, 4 bottles of Crown…”
from: Vickie Loofe : “Used Crown Royal bags”
from: Megan Plumbtree: “A custom order I completed for a custom using Crown Royal bags. I designed the pattern myself. The finished quilt was queen size. “