Don’t Bother Buying A New One, These Crocheted Pencil Cases Are The Cutest!!

This project is so cute and handy…you can use it for anything!

Regardless of whether you are still in school or not, everybody needs a pencil case to corral all of their pens and pencils. Since we know what our desk and purse and tabletop look like when we do not use a case, with caps nowhere to be found and scribbles everywhere, so we know how essential it is to keep them wrangled all together.

In the video tutorial below, Guidecentral walks us through the process, plus, we have a written pattern for you so you can get started with ease and get all your ducks (i.e. pens) in a row in no time!

During back to school season these pencil cases would make great back to school gifts for the kids in your life to keep their spirits up over the ending of summer and beginning of a new school year, not to mention, also keep their desks organized!