Learn How To Crochet With…Beads! Your Options Are Limitless!!

With THIS addition you can take your crocheted jewelry to the next level!!

I remember being pretty avid beaders when I was younger, but then for some reason, those days fell to the wayside and it has been years since I have done it! Even the other weekend when cleaning out a closet, I ran across an old box of beads and wondered what happened.

Needless to say, this video resonates with me and made me want to get back to my jewelry-making days. It just seemed like a sign!

Naztazia breaks down the process for us in the video below, so I hope you will join me and grab your box of beads (or pick some up at your local craft store) and get hooking! There are so many things we can make like the obvious jewelry, fun embellishments or really, anything else you set your mind to! We can not wait to see what you make so be sure to share photos when you’re done!