Check Out This Crochet Wedding Dress!

OMG! This is definitely a once in a lifetime crochet project, and it is absolutely stunning! I can’t believe all of the hard work and dedication, the hours upon hours of crocheting, all of the late nights and long afternoons that must’ve been spent crocheting all of the pieces and webbing them together to get the final product. As you’ll see in the slideshow below, completing this project almost made the bride late to her own wedding! I just love the personal touch the crocheted bodice gives the dress, not to mention the entire occasion. The blushing bride explains in the slide show below that each piece was either traditional Scottish crochet pattern, or a pattern picked out by friends or family members. How completely unique and wonderful! Keep scrolling down to see the slideshow, and admire the effort it took to come up with and execute this crocheted masterpiece!

Crocheted Lace Wedding Dress

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