Summer is here, the sun is out, and we could not be more excited for the fun days of summer ahead of us. Whether you’re headed somewhere exotic for the summer months or just kicking back with your family in the backyard enjoying the sunshine, I know you’re going to love this crochet project.

Isn’t this crochet summer hat just lovely?! I can’t believe how well it turned out! I love how it’s simple yet classic, and of course, you can dress it up however you want. The pattern calls for some top slip stitching around the center of the hat to create a braided look, but you could easily weave some ribbon instead or add a scarf. The sky is the limit!

The secret to ths pattern is the type of yarn used. It’s a new mix of polyester and viscose, which makes for a lightweight yet sturdy yarn, perfect for summer hats or throw pillows. It’s a tape yarn as well, which means it’s thin and flat, so you’re going to get a really unique texture as you crochet.

The other secret to this hat is that we use a much smaller hook than the semi-bulky yarn calls for. That way you get a really tight weave and you won’t have to mess with wires or spray starch for the hat to hold its shape. Go ahead and see how to crochet this easy hat!