The Proper Way To Crochet Straight Lines

Does this look familiar? Learn how to make perfect lines in crochet!

Does this look familiar to you? The option on the left is what traditional crocheting in the round looks like. As you can see, the color change really makes things apparent, which can be bothersome if you’re wanting nice, clean lines. Lucky for you, we found a great tutorial that has a few different techniques you can use to achieve those perfect lines, no matter what you’re crocheting!

Keep reading to see some more details, and then watch the video below for the full tutorial!

First things first, you’ll learn how to do half color changes. This is such a useful technique, and one we’ve never seen or heard of before! The idea is to have two working threads at the same time – one of each color. You’ll work them in such a way that the bottom of the stitch is in the old color, and the top of the stitch is the new color. This gives nice, neat lines not only at the join but at the top and bottom of the color change as well!

Go ahead and watch the video for more details! As always, happy crocheting, friends!