Talented Mom Freehand Crochets Halloween Costumes For Her Children

This is pretty incredible that she did it without a template.

One mom from Cleveland is outdoing herself in the Halloween costume department after she created a “fully crocheted, freehanded no pattern” Slimer costume for her son Jack, as well as a Predator one for her other son Jacob.

Super creative, and super talented mom of two, Stephanie Pokorny crotched the Halloween outfits for her two sons Jack who’s 3 and a half, and Jacob who’s 6. They were at the request of her sons. Jack really wanted a Slimer costume to look like the monster from the 1984 hit film “Ghostbusters,” and Stephanie definitely delivered. The crocheted masterpiece is complete with a hood that features the famous green ghost’s face. It can even glow in the dark thanks to some non-toxic acrylic paint.


“I AIN’T AFRAID OF NO … SLIMER COSTUME! Fully crocheted, freehanded no pattern. Jack’s choice!” Stephanie said in her caption as she showed off her impressive handiwork.

Her other son Jacob had an equally impressive Predator costume that featured loads of colors along with some very detailed work around the mask and hood, the bodice portion, as well as the shoe covers.


Stephanie, who runs an account called Crochetverse all across social media – Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook – wrote, “My son saw the movie with his dad and was obsessed. I am obsessed with crochet. So this is the result. I am kinda freaking out!!!!!!”


Stephanie spoke to People and detailed her creative process, revealing that she starts her projects roughly two weeks before Halloween. Then, it can take her anywhere from 25 to 40 hours to complete one costume. In typical child form, her kids grow more excited about their character choice the closer their outfits are to being finished.

“[Jack]’s father and I were children during the ’80s and early ’90s so we often watch classics with them,” she explains. That is why she often goes back to watch and study the character prior to her beginning her crocheting process. “I start with the body and then I save the face for last because I feel like that’s when it really comes to life.”

And the best part is that the costumes help to keep her kids warm in the chilly Ohio evenings. “The little’s costumes debut at a school carnival! It was sooo cold, but my babes were toasty warm! Crochet: 1 Cold: 0,” she joked under a family photo of the trio who were ready to get into the Halloween spirit.



Stephanie has crocheted plenty of costumes rooted in pop culture, including ET, a Smurf, and of course, Harry Potter – complete with the Gryffindor hooded robes and a crocheted wand!

There is no denying that Stephanie is definitely talented and all her work is amazing, however, last year might have been her most creative look as she crocheted Pennywise from Stephen King’s famous “It.” While there was the 2017 film release, Stephanie actually took inspiration from Tim Curry’s< character portrayal in the 1990 miniseries.



If you’re wondering where you could purchase one of her creations, unfortunately I have some bad news. As of now, she has no plans on selling her elaborate costume crocheted creations. However, sometime in the future, there may be a book with some costume patterns which will add to her current crocheted pattern collection that is for sale.

As she explained to People, “The costumes are like my fun time. It’s where I take a hiatus from the work and just enjoy the process.”

She then added, “Every single time I make something, I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s my favorite ever.’ I’m personally always trying to work to top myself. The newest thing I’ve done is usually what my favorite is at the time until I try to outdo myself!”

What an incredible talent she’s got. Her kids must be the best-dressed kids on that block every Halloween.