4 Ways To Get Fit Without Leaving Your Couch

Surprise! Look no further than your couch for a good workout!

I love a workout. Whether I’m heading to the gym to lift some weights or heading out the door to hit the pavement, I absolutely love it. With that said, I know not everyone is that way and honestly, I’m not always either. Even as someone who loves to stay active, I have my own moments of laziness and I just can’t get out of bed moments.

If you’re the king or queen of excuses or having a hard time getting to the gym, for whatever reason, I’m pleased to say that you can get in a great workout right from the comfort of your own home. Even better, you can do it without even leaving the couch. We have four great workouts that are perfect for that time after dinner when you’re lounging around and watching TV or your next Friday at-home movie night.

TV Workout

I get that we don’t love commercial breaks, but make them go by so much quicker by completing 10 reps of each of these 4 moves during every commercial break. It adds up, I promise!

Sofa Workout

All you need for this workout is your couch and yourself, no weights or additional equipment required. Repeat the entire circuit 3 times and prepare to feel the burn!

Sofa Abs

Your core is so important as it carries you around all day long. Stop ignoring it and hit the couch! Never thought I’d say that, did you?

Movie Night

Whether you’re watching a movie by yourself or having a movie night with your sweetie, take a quick break every 20 minutes to complete this quick full-body circuit. Hold the candy for this movie night.