As anyone who has ever planned a wedding before can tell you, this process is as expensive as you would have imagined. There are no shortage of expenses to endure and every time it feels like you have everything taken care of? Something else manages to come up. That’s why we love to hear about all of the wedding alternatives that people come up with along the way.


The stories that we come across about the cost-cutting measures that people take give us hope. For example, did you know that the average bouquet of flowers that the bride carries (and then tosses) costs roughly $200? That’s why we are happy to see all of the brides on Instagram who are putting an end to such trends. In fact, they have come up with something completely different.


Some brides have decided to replace the usual bouquet with something a bit left of center: cotton candy! Yes, you read that one right. If you are anything like us, you are probably jealous that you didn’t think of the idea first. Why doesn’t everyone do this? If anything, cotton candy should just replace the bouquet going forward. Who wouldn’t love to catch some cotton candy?


Maybe the brides can simply tear off pieces and throw them around that way? We kid, we kid. Unicorn Crafts’ own Faheema Chaudhury has decided to go the cotton candy route and she has no regrets. In her own words, she knew she had to make this cotton candy bouquet for her wedding. We fully understand where she is coming from on this own. It’s her big day and she should be able to party however she wants to.


Faheema never left her cotton candy behind, either. She carried it with her for the duration of the evening. Other brides are following suit, even providing their bridesmaids with their own candy bouquets. These are the whimsical wedding choices that we live for. We now have no shortage of inspiration for our wedding and we cannot wait to choose our own candy bouquet.


In the meantime, it is time to pass this one along to your friends and loved ones. Brides are no longer beholden to the traditional bouquets of old and we are 100 percent here for it. Please share these developments with all of the prospective brides to be’s in your life as soon as possible. They are sure to appreciate this new spin on a common wedding tradition.