Container Gardening 101: How To Grow Watermelon On Your Deck

No matter your space limitations, you too can grow these fruits and veggies!

Do you have limited space in your yard? Or maybe you’re like me and dream of having an acreage, only to wake up to a 4×6 ft deck on the 3rd story of an apartment building. No matter what your space limitations are, you can grow fresh fruits and veggies all summer long with container gardening!

In this video, we learn a bunch of helpful tips from which containers to use for each plant, what size they should be, and even what other plants to add in to make the most use of your space. Pro-tip: planting marigolds in the tomato container will keep bugs away! Another thing to keep in mind when considering container gardening is soil. Containers tend to dry out easily, so when planting veggies, make sure to use a moisture retention potting mix.