The Most Common Mistake Crocheters Make

Do you know the correct way of crocheting?

No matter how long you’ve been crocheting, there are always new tips and tricks to learn. Sometimes, we find out we’ve been doing something wrong the whole time! In crochet, there is a lot of flexibility for certain stitches, and the general rule of thumb is to do whatever you need to do to obtain the correct gauge (or if the gauge doesn’t apply, just do what you’re most comfortable with). There are, however, certain stitches that need to be executed in a particular way to be correct.

The following video shows us one such stitch that is often mistaken, and it ends up being the building block for a lot of future crocheting mistakes!

The single crochet is probably the first stitch you learned when you started crocheting. All too often, we learn how to chain, and then we do our foundation row – which in most cases is going into one side of the standard stitch and doing a single crochet. This can cause problems, however, when we move on to the rest of our project.

The standard single crochet (and double, and triple crochet for that matter) requires the hook to be inserted into the “v” of the row of previous stitches. When you only insert the hook into one side of the “v,” you’re actually creating a new stitch – a back loop only or front loop only. By learning how to crochet the standard way, your projects will be much sturdier, and you can learn to incorporate other fun stitches for texture. It’s all about the basics!

Get the full explanation and run-down of the correct way to crochet the standard single crochet in the video below!