‘Impossible’ Clear Puzzle Is The Ultimate Quarantine Challenge

Now that people have been stuck at home, puzzles are making a huge comeback.

Now that people across the nation and the world are getting orders to shelter at home to stop the quick spread of the coronavirus, cabin fever is setting in. I’ll be the first one to admit that it would be lovely to go out and rub elbows with people in a huge crowd about now!

Not only are people getting bored, but they’ve almost given up on Netflix now that they’ve watched Tiger King and are wondering what to watch next. Perhaps it’s time to step away from the tube for a little while and try something a little productive. No, I’m not talking about cleaning out the kitchen cabinets, I’m talking about trying your hand at a puzzle.

Now that people have been stuck at home, puzzles are making a huge comeback. After all, you can only scroll through your Instagram feed for so long before you finally are looking for something else to fill the time. It’s a great way to spend your time because you can look at a beautiful scene that gets created right in front of your eyes. They also provide a challenge, so it keeps you interested.

If the thought of doing a puzzle is somewhat humdrum in your eyes, maybe we have something that could make it a little more interesting. It’s an entirely clear puzzle, and it’s everything you hoped it would be.

Photo: Etsy/Little Flowerpot Shop

Etsy seller LittleFlowerPotShop is responsible for these custom puzzles that don’t even have a picture on them! They are completely clear so all you have to guide you are the lines and shapes. You can’t sort them out into sections and do them in a logical way, you just need to put it together one piece at a time. This could very well be the most difficult puzzle of all time.

Photo: Etsy/Little Flowerpot Shop

There are numerous sizes of these clear puzzles, including a nine-piece puzzle, a 25 piece puzzle, a 49 piece puzzle, and a 144 piece puzzle! It may not seem like much, but 144 pieces of a clear puzzle are enough to drive you insane.

Photo: Etsy/Little Flowerpot Shop

The half-inch pieces of clear acrylic are what you will see when you open the box. You just have to put them together so that it creates a square.

The seller makes these puzzles custom, so you may want to consider getting one for yourself. At the moment they are sold out but they are expecting more back in stock in April. If we are stuck in quarantine for more than a few weeks, you might want to put in your order now. The puzzles start at $17, so get ready for something challenging when it arrives.