DIY Cinnamon Vanilla Fall Candles

pumpkin candles
What better way to celebrate all things fall than with these delightfully festive cinnamon vanilla candles? With just a few supplies, and an afternoon, you can have a classy porch decoration, or use smaller pumpkins (or other gourds) for an adorable indoor accent! These are really quite simple to make, and they smell like cinnamon frosting!! In other words, you need these candles in your life. See the tutorial video below, and don’t forget to check out the step by step directions beneath the video. Happy fall, friends!

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– Wax flakes

– Pumpkins

– Wicks

– Cinnamon sticks

– Pencil to hold the wicks

– Vanilla extract (optional)


1. Cut the tops off pumpkins & scoop out the seeds.

2. Roll the wick around a pen or pencil, and place in the bottom of the pumpkin.

3. Melt wax in a double broiler. While melting, grate cinnamon sticks, and add in 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

4. While wax is melting, put pumpkins in an ice bath, to help prevent the hot wax from cooking them.

5. Take pumpkins out of the ice bath and pour hot wax into the pumpkins. Let harden for a few hours.

6. Cut the wick, and enjoy your pumpkin candle!

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