With the holidays coming up, there is so much to think about. In particular, you may want to think about games to play during holiday parties. After dinner is done and you’ve gone through the standard “catching up” conversations with your distant relatives, things can get a little awkward, so why not have a couple of games in mind to keep the focus on fun? One of the perfect ones to try is the Saran Wrap Game – and yes, it is played with the same Saran Wrap used to store leftovers. The game is simple, fun, and – the best part – it’s DIY.

The Saran Wrap game is a fun challenge that involves a big ball of plastic wrap that is layered with prizes. The gifts and prizes get better the deeper you go into the ball. So if you want to be generous with a $100 gift card or two, those would be in the center of the ball, while the bags of inexpensive candy would be in the outside layers.

To play this game you will obviously need lots of plastic wrap. The more gifts you have to give out, the more rolls of plastic will be required. But, if you are environmentally friendly like me, or at least try your best to be, there is always the option of switching out the Saran Wrap for recyclable brown paper in order to wrap up each layer of goodies – that way we’re not clogging our oceans.

Besides wrapping for the giant ball, you will also be needing prizes to put inside the package. The goods can be whatever you want them to be and can range from candy to cash or toys and beauty products. You can even put a theme to the ball if you so desire, but that is entirely up to you.


And lastly, you will need a pair of dice.

In order to play, the rules are quite simple. One person starts off the game by unwrapping the ball, while the next player rolls the dice until they get doubles. Any goodies that the person unwrapping the gift comes across they get to keep. As soon as the person rolls double, they pass the dice but get to keep the ball.

This continues until all of the layers have been peeled away in order to reveal the final prize. The person holding the ball then gets to keep the final prize.

Some families take the game up a notch by blindfolding the person or making them wear oven mitts while they attempt to unwrap the ball.


Either way, this game is sure to bring your holiday gatherings hours of fun. You may even find it gets as heated as a good old fashioned game of Monopoly, but at least with this one there is an actual prize to be had. So, get ready to enjoy the holiday season!

For full instructions feel free to check out the instructional video below: