Dipping fruit in chocolate or caramel is always a good idea…and now we’re trying out another delicious idea: candy swirls. We like this method because it allows for super cool twists and pops of color that you don’t get with other dips. You want at least three different colors, one as a main and two as accents, so pick up several different colors of candy melts and start dipping!

We particularly love the marbled look that occurs in this process. It’s important to keep colors separate, so be sure to twist each apple only a few degrees in order to avoid over-blending the colors. The finished product is super fun visually and of course super fun for the taste buds! We’ve heard that people eat first with their eyes, so you want food that is attractive to look at – and this definitely looks good enough to eat!


— Candy melts, assorted colors

— Apples

— Wood sticks

— Wax paper


— In a microwave safe bowl, melt candy disks.

— Twist off apple stems.

— Insert wood sticks.

— Use one color as the main, add dollops of the secondary colors.

— Drop in the apple and twist slightly.

— Pull apple out and set on wax paper to harden.