Bubble Printing

Try blowing bubbles for a fun and colorful work of art!

We’ve found a super fun way to create really unique works of art: bubble printing. This method is great for creating art that is both visually appealing and useful. Frame your art and hang on a wall or use smaller prints for custom stationery. It is a great way to occupy kids, inspire creativity, and in general have fun. The method is super simple and can be done with only a few ingredients!

Rather than going out and buying a bunch of different paints, we stuck with primary colors of red, yellow, and blue so that we could customize and blend to our liking. It is important to use clear dish soap, as it allows for a more accurate blend of colors (if you use blue or yellow colored soap, your paint colors will also take on that color). Also, watercolor paper works best here; it’s designed to hold paint colors and is a little sturdier, especially if you plan to use this as wall art or stationery.

Once the colors are all prepped and the bubbles are blown, the rest is up to you! Allow for a few minutes of drying time between layers to prevent any undesired blending of colors. The finished product is a whimsical, colorful, original creation, and with such a simple supply list, this craft is really easy to put together, and you end up with some pretty cool artwork!


-Several containers for different paint colors (we used plastic cups here)

-Clear dish soap



-Watercolor paper


-Mix paint with a squirt of dish soap and a little bit of water in a shallow cup. You need to find the right consistency between thick and thin in order to get the best bubbles.

-Blow bubbles into the paint-soap mixture with a straw. NOTE: Use a separate straw for each color.

-Once you have lots of bubbles, gently place paper over the bubbles to make a print. Work with only 2-4 colors at a time, as the bubbles will quickly begin to disappear.

-Repeat with other colors. NOTE: Allow a few minutes of drying time to prevent color blending.