15 Hysterically Bizarre Items People Found In Their Parents’ Homes

The results to this Twitter question are lighting up the web with laughter!

Adults who return home to visit their parents tend to notice things in the house they never thought about before, like that bizarre crocheted toilet paper holder your mom has had in the guest bathroom for the past 40 years. It’s like people just stop seeing things after awhile!

Just before heading home for the Thanksgiving holiday, Twitter user @jenndangerous decided to find out just what kind of weird junk people’s parents were still holding on to, and the results are lighting up the web with laughter.

Almost 3,000 people commented and shared photos with Jenn, and the post has been retweeted over 7,700 times already! Here’s a sampling of the strange, forgotten knickknacks that people discovered lurking in the old family homestead.

1. This bear, who is ready to go on some serious fishing expeditions.

2. Even one creepy clown is too many. This? Nightmare fuel.

3. Tchotchkes as far as the eyes can see.

4. In what universe does this look like Elvis?

5. Just a jar of faces. Nothing to see here!