Having Trouble Binding Your Quilt? We’ve Got A Trick So It’ll Be Perfect Every Time!

Made your quilt, but don’t know how to really finish it off? We’ve got a tip that’ll make your quilt perfect. every. time. You’re welcome!

Have you ever put a lot of time and effort into a quilt, only to get to the end and not really know how to finish it? (Or tried to finish it, but something went drastically wrong…) We have; in fact, we are pretty sure this is part of the hazing process of quilting. It has happened several times when we have created a beautiful quilt, but totally messed up our binding; it is frustrating to say the least.

Thankfully, now we know there is a trick to keep in mind that will give us perfectly bound edges every single time, so we do not have to worry about it happening ever again! Jenny, from the Missouri Star Quilting Co., explains how to get that beautiful bind, so go forth with your quilting and enjoy your perfectly finished results! Happy quilting, friends!