Why ALL Animal Lovers Should Care About Bumblebees Being Endangered

Here’s the buzz on bees: You don’t have to love bumblebees to love their importance!

Sure, it’s easy to ignore what’s going on with bees. Why? Because we don’t often cuddle up on the couch with a bee. We don’t bond with a bee while throwing the frisbee at the “bee park.” Yea, bees are not pets, so they’re not exactly family members.

But we still have to care. Why, you may ask… Because bumblebees are a crucial part of our ecosystem. They are responsible for the pollination of a ton of our crops, 1/3 to be exact! So, what that means to us (AND ALL OF OUR FAMILY MEMBERS) is that there could be a real threat to: cranberries, blueberries, many of our nuts, watermelon, cucumber, oranges, grapefruit… and the list goes on! Scary thought, right?

Many of our fur-babies EAT what bumblebees pollinate so it affects them too! What bumblebees do is a complicated process and their extinction CANNOT happen. To learn more about bumblebees, check this out!

To truly be an animal lover, you have to accept them all!