The Coziest Way To Enjoy A “Beer”… A Beer Mug Hug!

These adorable cozies is SO EASY to knit! Whip up a batch and let these cuties turn your tea or coffee into your favorite type of pint.

My dad LOVES to drink beer, especially if it’s a crisp, refreshing pint on a hot summer afternoon. I would definitely consider him a beer enthusiast, and he’s down to talk about beer literally anytime. While actually drinking a cold one might not be appropriate at 6am, this cute mug cozy lets him enjoy the experience of sipping his favorite beverage at any time of the day (even though he’s just pretending)!

If you’re thinking for a quick gift you can whip up in a hurry, look no further – this adorable cozy can be made in a flash! You’ll need two colors of yarn, one for the beer body and the other for the head of foam, a button or two, and some knitting needles. Check out the quick and easy tutorial from HobbyCraft.

Have you knit your own mug cozy? Share your designs in the comments below!