Crafty Mom Divides One Bedroom Into Two Using Ikea Shelving Units

Cassandra Aarssen of Clutterbug shared how she divided her daughters’ room into two sperate spaces using the IKEA Kallax Bookcase.

Growing up, I was an only child, so I was never forced to share my room with a sibling. However, I did have friends who shared rooms with siblings and I can honestly say that it never looked like fun. Even though I was sometimes lonely as a kid, I was still so grateful to have my own space. In fact, every kid needs their own space from time to time – even those of an organizing expert.

Cassandra Aarssen of Clutterbug, has daughters who were sharing a bedroom together. Understandably, the daughters often got on each other’s nerves and wanted space of their own. Given that they only had the bedroom to share, it was up to Aarssen to come up with a solution.

Aarssen decided to divide up the room in order to give each of the sisters their own space. However, there was still the issue of storage – and children sometimes need a lot of storage. Aarssen then got the idea to use an Ikea bookshelf as a dividing wall. She used the Ikea Kallax Bookcase Room Divider Cubes, but instead of putting them upright, she turned them sideways. As it turns out, placing the shelves on their side maximizes the storage space while giving each girl her own space.

Photo: YouTube / ClutterBug

Using Ikea Foldable Storage Boxes the shelves in the bookcase were put to perfect use. The best part about the storage boxes? They come in an array of colors – so matching them to any room’s color pattern is very easy.

If you want a step-by-step guide on how Aassen created the room, you can watch the YouTube video below:

Thanks to Aassen’s quick thinking and design-savvy, both her daughters, Izzy and Abby, get a taste of having their own “room.” Their individual spaces come complete with a bed plus a window – and obviously plenty of storage. The clever room divider certainly helps break up space so they don’t feel so in each other’s faces all the time. There is even enough room in the space that Izzy got her own desk where she can do homework and other activities.

What do you think about this DIY hack? Do you have a particular room that could benefit from this trick? Let us know!