Amazing DIY Painted Tumbler!

Anyone can make this gorgeous tumbler!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for coffee. Hot, iced, blended, I’ll take it in any form it comes in. As an avid coffee drinker on the go, it’s always nice to have my own tumbler to bring with me throughout the day. That’s where today’s DIY comes from! Just look at the gorgeous tumbler in the photo above. Would you believe that you can make this yourself? It’s actually much easier than you might think.

First, gather your materials. You’ll need a stainless steel tumbler for this project. It’s important for it to be stainless steel because you’ll be using epoxy resin to seal everything up. In order to get the bubbles out of epoxy, you’ll need a heat gun (don’t worry, these are super inexpensive and you can use them for so many things).

Once you have everything ready, set up your station. Grab a plastic cup that is slightly larger than the tumbler you’re using. Turn the cup upside down on a blank canvas and place the tumbler face down on the cup as well. This will give the tumbler some height so it’s not resting directly on the canvas. You’ll also want to cover your surface with parchment paper or plastic wrap to protect it.

Then, go ahead and get out a bowl and start pouring your paint in. Don’t worry about it mixing; that’s part of the fun! The next step is where the magic happens…

Pour the bowl of paint on the base of the cup, letting the colors run down the sides. You can twist the cup as the paint drips down the sides to get some cool effects, but it’ll be just as unique and awesome if you simply let it fall naturally as well. I mean, how cool is this? I love it!

Once the paint is done dripping down, remove the cup from the canvas and set it aside to dry for a while. In the meantime, take your canvas with all of the extra paint and tilt it around so the paint fully covers it. You’ll have an incredible painting as well as a super cool tumbler. Two for one!

After letting the paint dry on the mug and the canvas for a few days, grab some epoxy and pour it over both the painting and the tumbler. Since the paint is already dry, it’s safe to spread the sealant with your gloved hands. Then, take your heat gun and aim it at any bubbles you see in the epoxy. Let the mug and canvas dry for a few more days, and there you have it! Take a look at the video below for more details.