9 Essentials For Every Writer

What are your own must-haves for a productive writing space?

The act of writing is very personal, so naturally we all approach writing in very different ways. A customized writing space will put you in the right frame of mind and help get the writing juices flowing. Just as an athlete requires the proper gear to get through a workout, so too does a writer need the right equipment to produce good writing. This idea inspired us to consider our own writing essentials. What follows is a list of our own writing needs, in no particular order:

1. Paper and pen. We all know the old saying “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Even in this modern age, a pen and paper are two of a writer’s greatest tools. A computer is an absolute must, but nothing can replace the power of a pen on paper to help carve out ideas in a way that cannot be achieved on a laptop.

2. A comfortable chair. A place where you’re comfortable sitting for long stretches of writing will help keep you focused. But don’t forget to get up and stretch your legs – keeping the blood flowing is part of keeping the words flowing!

3. An uncluttered desk. The fewer distractions there are the better – so be sure you’ve taken care of any of those details that might interrupt your writing process.

4. A thesaurus and dictionary. It’s easy to open a new tab and go to an online resource, but keep a physical copy of each at your desk – here lies an opportunity to stumble upon words that might trigger new ideas.