8 Ways To Honor Veterans Day With Your Kids

These crafts are a great way to get an important conversation started, as well as say thanks to a veteran!

Patriotic Necklace

Make some patriotic jewelry with the kids this year, and encourage them to wear it on Veterans Day!

Festive Bracelet

More easy jewelry ideas for the kiddos – you could also have the bracelet say “thank you” and have the kids give it to a veteran!

Poppy Wreath

I love this craft, especially for any family that has active members of the military! What a great way to show support by hanging this wreath on the front door.

Starburst American Flag

How cute are these guys? You could use them as pinwheels, or make a garland, or wreath… the possibilities are endless!

How does your family honor Veterans Day? Let us know in the comments below!