8 Surprising Facts About Lilies

These are my absolute favorite flowers!

Lilies are my favorite flower! I just love that there are so many varieties, from the elegant calla lily to the bold tiger lily, and of course the brilliant stargazer lily. There are so many different kinds of lilies, in fact, you’ll find out just how big their family is in the list below. Check out some of our favorite facts about lilies!

Some Lilies Are Edible

While most lilies are grown for their beautiful blooms, some lilies are grown specifically in order to harvest their edible bulbs. Yum!

Long Vase Life

While lilies naturally have a long vase life, you can make them last even longer by removing any pollen from the center of the flower.

Medicinal Uses

Certain compounds in lilies have been harvested for use in anti-depression and anti-anxiety meds. Lilies have long been used in ancient Chinese and Persian cultures to treat all kinds of illnesses.

Toxic To Cats

Lilies may smell sweet, but they are very toxic to cats! Don’t plant these beauties in your garden if you have an outdoor cat.

Big Family

There are over 100 genuses in the Liliaceae family. Talk about a big family!

Victorian Glory

Women in the victorian era loved lilies. They often wore lilies in their hair, on their clothes, and posed for photos with a boquet of lilies.

Egyptian Perfume

Legend has it that the Egyptians were the first to use the oil from lilies in perfumes and other cosmetics. Lilies are still used for their sweet scent in perfumes today!

Social Plants

Lilies do best when planted in groups of 3-5. Try creating a triangle with your lily bulbs for best results.