Anytime we’re stuck inside we wish we had more houseplants to keep us company and make it feel more more lush. Even amateur green thumbs tend to feel this pull to acquire and nurture more plants.

As a handy guide we’ve got this quick reference for some of the easiest plants that only require a cutting and some water to make new start. So, if you see any of these at friend’s house it’s worth asking for a cutting so that you can begin your own water propagation! One more thing: these are great projects to do with the kiddos, too!

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8) Croton

It takes about 4 weeks for a croton cutting to make new roots. The cutting needs to be 3-6 inches long and have at least 3 leaves.

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7) Papyrus

Being a plant that grows in and near water it’s no surprise that papyrus cuttings thrive when placed in water. The trick with these guys is that the head of the cutting goes into the water! Roots develop quite quickly.

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6) Zebrina Pendula

You’ll want to make sure that at least one nodule or leaf joint is below the water when you propagate zebrina pendula in water. The nice thing about this plant is that its long gangly stems are great for making cuttings from!

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5) Most Succulents

Most succulents are quite easy to start with only water. Succulents need to be dry for a bit for the cutting wound to callus over before being placed into water, though.

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