8 Awesome Upcycle Projects You Can Make Using Old T-Shirts!

We love coming up with ways to use and repurpose old things, and this is a round-up of some of our favorite upcycle projects!

While we love being able to give things to thrift stores, there’s something that still feels wasteful about the piles of clothes we’re not using. Thankfully, we figured out a way to utilize said clothes and upcycle them into something, regardless of their current state of wear.

Below, we’ve listed eight of our favorite projects…all of which use old t-shirts as the main component! Is that cool, or what?! Check out our list and then start scouting your closets for suitable Ts – happy crafting!

8. T-Shirt Yarn

7. Crocheted Dish Towels

6. T-Shirt Strip Picnic Blanket

5. Braided Rug

4. T-Shirt Memory Quilt

from: : “North Channel Designs

3. Hooked Shag Rug

2. Rosette Pillow Case

1. Crocheted Circle Rug