Genius Home Organizing Tips to Save Space and Time

Being organized makes everything so much easier.

If it sometimes feels like you’re swimming in a sea of crumpled, disorganized laundry or having to re-buy items around your home, then it might be time to rethink how you’ve been storing your possessions. Many times when we feel overwhelmed it can come down to how things are arranged. It will help you to stay on top of things if you can see what you have and that’s what these 8 genius organizing tips are all about!

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8) Sheets Don’t Have to Be Messy

Organize your sheets by putting all the components into one of the pillowcases like a bag and then stacking them in the closet. Doing this means you never have to hunt for a matched set. It also means your closets will never look this this:

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7) Never Misplace Those Spare Pillowcases

Fold extra pillowcases and stand them on their ends inside a box, that way you can quickly flip through them like set of file folders.

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6) Small Linens Need Good Homes

Store doilies and other small linens ironed and in a flat box (like an A4 paper storage box) so that they won’t have to be ironed again when it’s time to use them.

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5) Easy-to-Grab Linens

Store towels, quilts, blankets, and so on stacked with the folded side facing you. That way you never accidentally grab two at a time. This avoids wrinkles and having to refold items!

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4) Overflow Storage

Is your dresser full? Use under-bed storage for things like socks and pantyhose that don’t need to be folded a certain way and free up space inside your drawers.

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3) Say Goodbye to Freezer Burn

Save any screw top containers that food comes in (like gelato containers and glass honey jars) to use for storing unused portions of frozen foods like veggies or chicken nuggets. They will stay fresher for much longer than in the bags they came in and this goes double for after they’ve been opened. The added benefit here is that if you use a clear container not only can you see what’s inside, but you can also quickly tell if something does happen to develop freezer burn.

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2) Efficient Washcloth Usage

Store washcloths rolled up and standing on end in a basket for display, or even inside your cabinets. They are easier to grab this way and you’ll quickly notice if you’re running low on clean washcloths.

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1) Hang Your Baskets Out to Dry

If you have big closets you can mount a hook on the wall inside them to hang up your laundry basket(s). They are big and cumbersome, but light, and hanging them up saves precious shelf space for other items.

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