8 Awesome Wreaths To Spruce Up The Front Door!

There’s something on this list for everyone!

I’m always looking for a fun and creative way to bring texture and color to a room, especially when the seasons change. One easy and budget-friendly way to achieve this is by making my own wreaths! These go great on doors, of course, but you can also hang them above the mantle, over the headboard, or incorporate them into a wall display. Go ahead and check out the list below for a few amazing DIY wreath ideas! Get the full list in the video below.

Monogram & Burlap Wreath

This is your classic country-chic look. And I love it. You can switch out the different parts to get something that matches your decor, but the basics of this project are the same. Grab a wire wreath form and place some tan pipe cleaners around the edges. Then, measure and cut square pieces of burlap and scrunch them up in the middle to get that fluffy look. Attach the burlap pieces to the wreath frame by wrapping the pipe cleaners around the middle.

From there, it’s just a matter of adding embellishments! I love the cotton and lavender floral elements added, as well as the golden letter. The colors are so beautiful! Again, you can swap out the letter, the flowers, even the burlap for other things, but you get the basic idea.

Succulent Wreath

Looking for an easy way to add a pop of greenery to your decor? This succulent wreath has you covered! This is one of the easiest projects, but I love how it turned out. Simply grab a grapevine wreath form and some plastic succulents, dried moss, or other greenery of your choice. Start by gluing on the moss, and then build up your layers of greenery from there. I love this idea because I’m so terrible at keeping actual plants alive (yes, even succulents). This is a great way to give myself the illusion that I’m a master gardener!

Horseshoe Floral Wreath

Here’s another easy-peasy floral wreath. Grab a wire wreath form and cut it in half using wire cutters. Select a few different varieties of fake flowers, making sure to get a few kinds of blooms to create different textures. Start by securing the plain, filler greenery to the wreath form using zip ties. Once the form is covered, attach the blooms and other floral elements using hot glue. I think the horseshoe shape adds a fun twist to the project, but if you prefer your wreaths in their classic shape, you can still do this project without cutting the wreath.

Watermelon Wreath

How fun is this wreath for the summer?! Nothing says summertime like a big slice of watermelon… on a wreath, hanging on your front door, right? For this one, you’ll be using the same technique as the burlap wreath. Start with a wire wreath form and attach pipe cleaners around the edges. Cut squares of tulle ribbon and bunch them up in the middle to create the fluffy bow effect. Secure each piece to the wreath form using the pipe cleaners. Continue to fill up the wreath, and then add in ribbons, bows, and a giant watermelon slice!

See even more wreath ideas in the video below!