We can go through quite a few boxes of mints per year and we’re usually left with the empty box thinking “there must be a great use for this!” Being such a handy size and the fact that they are something we often have on hand, these DIY mint tin projects are a great way to use up those empty tins.

7) Artwork

If you ever wanted to make someone a touching gift that’s small or if you are obsessed with miniatures, then this project might be a fit for you! You can go from simple to very elaborate with this one, depending on your amount of free time and available materials.

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6) Socket Set Holder

Obviously this one depends on the size of your socket set, as the larger sizes won’t fit into such a tiny space. And, you’ll have to used the larger size of mint tin since a mini won’t hold much in the way of tools.

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5) Ham Radio

If you find yourself more technically inclined then perhaps you’d like to fill your mint tin with electronic components? This tiny ham radio fits neatly into a mint tin.

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4) Travel Palette for Watercolors

This will work for any art supplies small enough for fit in the tin, but what a great way to keep your watercolor pots together in a handy traveling case!

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