7 Steps To Writing A Book

Take these 7 steps towards writing and publishing your first book.

Are you interested in writing a book? I mean, REALLY interested? That’s step #1 – to be genuinely interested in writing a book, and not just for hopes of quick fame or exposure, but for the genuine interest in sharing your ideas. Once you’ve answered that question, there are a few more steps in the process.

If you’re interested in writing a book and getting it published, entrepreneur and writer Evan Carmichael has seven tips for getting your book through that process and into the hands of readers. For a more detailed description of these seven tips, we encourage you to watch the video. Evan Carmichael’s tips for writing a book are listed below:

7 Steps To Writing A Book

Step 1: Actually want to write a book.

Step 2: Create an outline and a schedule.

Step 3: Publisher or self-publish?

Step 4: Overcome rejection.

Step 5: Have a test audience.

Step 6: Pre-launch (marketing, promotion, and exposure).

Step 7: Keep marketing.