7 Reasons Readers Don’t Care About Your Characters

Get some pro tips from a real book publisher!

Every writer wants to write epic characters. They want their protagonist to shine and be relatable and have supporting characters add depth without detracting from the main plot arch. Sometimes, however, in an attempt to make these characters “likable,” we make them too good and too pure of heart. That often comes across as unrelatable to the average reader. Sure, everyone likes to think they’re the type of person who would buy a hot meal for a homeless person, but how many of us actually do that on a regular basis?

The point here is that people are complex. We all have good qualities and less desirable qualities. Instead of describing what a person is like, show your readers how your character acts in certain situations and let them draw their own conclusion about the righteousness of your character. So how do we write these complex, relatable, believable characters that are indeed still loved? Watch the video below for some amazing practical writing advice from a publisher herself.