7 Characteristics Of A Great Reading Nook

Settling into a good book just got way easier with these must-haves.

How would you describe your ideal reading environment? We know that in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, a book addict will turn any space into a “reading nook” – on the train, bus, or in a coffee shop. But for those times when we really want to just cozy up to a good book, we like a more customized experience, with all the accoutrement that makes reading so much more luxurious! We’ve narrowed down a list of 7 things that are a must for our own reading comfort and pleasure.

1. A comfortable seating situation. Whether you like to sit outside on a park bench or porch, or inside next to a warm fire or by window, a comfortable place to sit is an absolute must-have.

2. Good lighting. You’ll want just the right light, nothing too bright or too dark. Natural light is preferred, but you’ll also want a good reading lamp for the evening hours.

3. Good ambiance and not too much clutter. Your reading space should be conducive to the act of reading, so avoid any objects that might cause distraction.

4. A side table or ottoman with tray for coffee/tea, snacks, pen and paper, and your phone to update your reading status on your favorite book app.

5. Pillows and a warm blanket. Comfort is key! Be sure this is a space that is comfortable, but not where you’d fall asleep! A productive reading space is key to quality reading time.

6. A window. There’s really no better way to reflect on what you’ve just read than by gazing out of a window. Not only will this give your eyes a little rest, but it will give your brain a moment to absorb and process what you’re reading.

7. Books! You can’t have a reading nook without something to read. Maybe keep a few of your old favorites for when you’re looking for reading motivation. Or have a couple new reads sitting out as motivation to finish your current book.

What are your reading nook must-haves?