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60 Ways To Say “Good”

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What does “good” mean? Well, it depends on who your asking and when. How many ways can one say “good”? First that means defining what “good” we’re talking about. Are we talking about performance, morality, or quality of product? Someone might do “good” on a test (or more formally said as “well”); a person may be or “good” as in volunteer work or philanthropy; and when dining at restaurant, one might describe the quality of the food as “good.” Knowing context is super important to our understanding of “good”. Let’s cut to the chase here – we’ve got a list of 60 ways to say “good”. There’s definitely a few more words to go on this list, but it’s rather remarkable to think of how many different ways there are to say the same word, and with so many different overtones of meaning.

When “good” means: KIND

1. agreeable

2. amicable

3. beneficent

4. benign

5. chivalrous

6. cordial

7. courteous

8. decent

9. gentle

10. gracious

11. humane

12. kindhearted

13. magnanimous

14. mannerly

15. nice

16. obliging

17. philanthropic

18. propitious

19. thoughtful

20. tolerant

Happy Coffee CupWhen “good” means: QUALITY

21. attractive

22. desirable

23. distinctive

24. exceptional

25. exquisite

26. fine

27. fitting

28. incomparable

29. keen

30. laudable

31. meritorious

32. outstanding

33. peachy

34. peerless

35. reputable

36. satisfying

37. superb

38. superior

39. tiptop

40. valuable

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When “good” means: VIRTUOUS

41. blameless

42. chaste

43. faithful

44. faultless

45. guiltless

46. honest

47. impeccable

48. innocent

49. moral

50. noble

51. perfect

52. principled

53. pure

54. righteous

55. spotless

56. true

57. trustworthy

58. unblemished

59. untainted

60. wholesome

What “good” words are missing from this list?

List adapted from Write At Home

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