Stains. There just isn’t any way to avoid them! Part of living life means getting messy, but it’s frustrating when that mess starts to take over your house – your clothes, your walls, and even your dishes! The mess only multiplies with kids in the house. Never fear! We’ve rounded up some of our best cleaning hacks for you in this list below. Keep reading on to find out how to remove permanent marker from every surface, how to get water stains out of wood furniture, and much more!

How To Remove Water Stains From Wood

We have all seen it: a guest comes over, sets a drink down on your beautiful table (without a coaster!!!!!), and before you know it the dreaded ring appears and the anxiety sets in. Nothing ruins a beautiful piece of wooden furniture faster than those unsightly water stains, so the question becomes, how can you get rid of them without seeking out a professional? Believe it or not, the answer lies in your bathroom; toothpaste! See the full tutorial here!

How To Get Permanent Marker Out Of Every Surface

We’ve all been there: if you have kids, markers, and walls, at some point the three are going to collide in the worst way. Kids and markers aren’t just teaming up against walls, chances are they’re after clothes, carpets, furniture, and dishes as well! Or maybe you’re the culprit! I’ll admit to my fair share of sharpie accidents, from dropping them on my own clothes to mistaking them for dry erase markers. Get the full list of removal tips here!